Vision – based on Ezekiel 37: 1-14

Vision – based on Ezekiel 37: 1-14

And I looked as I led worship 
and saw the dried and brittle bones 
of the scattered few before me 
and there was no life.
Too old, 
too desiccated, 
too worn out, 
or lived out 
ever to be able to stir again.

And I wept as I looked 
and prayed for answers, 
but my heart told me 
it was too late; 
the life had gone. 
There was acceptance 
of an unchanging future; 
the stillness of lethargy 
and emptiness of spirit.

And I looked again 
and saw my prayers 
were not to empty air 
for a breath of God 
moved among the weary; 
new energy began to stir; 
movement was discernible 
and purpose was born again.

And God had shown me, 
in spite of all my doubts, 
that hope is never completely dead 
and there can be new life, 
even in old bones.

© Marjorie Dobson published on Worship Cloud

Used with permission.

Mouldy old log at the turning of the year…

  1. Log 2

Mouldy old log at the turning of the year,
once green,
now dead,
lacking sap.

Sad year passing,


Watch the turning,
burning of the season,
till white ash snow,
melting brings life,


Not immortality
for that mouldy old log at the turning of the year
is dead,
but new life springs fresh
forcing through cracked,
raw, hardened earth,
starting again,


and that is what we, also,
should do…on and on…season after season…starting anew.

© Andrew Pratt 31/12/2019

Poem from Words, Images and Imagination