Illegal Migration Bill

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The “Illegal Migration Bill”

We are appalled by the proposals in the government’s ‘Illegal Migration Bill’ to detain, punish and reject thousands of people seeking safety. They are completely incompatible with our Christian conviction that all human beings are made in the image of God, and are therefore inherently worthy of treatment which honours their dignity.

Church Leaders from the Methodist Church, the United Reformed Church and the Baptist Union have signed a joint statement expressing opposition to the government’s new ‘Illegal Migration Bill’.

A still small voice, the crumbling earth lies silent – a poem after a devastating earthquake – music setting – John Kleinheksel

A still small voice, the crumbling earth lies silent, 
a baby suckled at her mother’s breast, 
feels flesh grow cool as she lies quietly dying, 
no comfort now, no warmth, no earthly rest.

And where is God amid this dust, these ashes? 
Is this God’s plan, this random, rancid death?
Where is the blessing in these crumbling buildings 
where silent bodies drew a final breath?

The dust, a pall, obscures the teasing sunrise. 
See, dawn’s temptation to arise, to wake. 
But this dishonest call is, empty, hollow
to any who’ve survived this night, this quake.

What now? The still, small voice still quietly questions:
there is no consolation for this pain, 	
but mid the dust and rubble of this carnage, 
humanity might rise in hope again.

©Andrew Pratt 7/2/2023; apply to author for any commercial use 
The day after the earthquakes in Turkey, Syria and the surrounding regions.

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For deeper love we share the bread – Jim Burklo

As Jim says, I share..

Words by Jim Burklo
(Use freely, with attribution)
Tune: O Waly Waly (Welsh folk tune) — also known as The Water Is Wide  (listen to James Taylor’s performance of it)
Alternative tune:“Jerusalem” – an unofficial anthem of England 

For deeper love we share the bread
I won’t be full till all are fed
Till every soul has home and bed
The rest of us can’t move ahead

For deeper love we share the wine
I cannot taste the love divine
Till every soul has walked the line
And you’ve had yours as I’ve had mine

Now Mary sings her birthing song
Till every voice can sing along
And voices weak will rise up strong
Her choir is one where all belong

No one’s saved till all are healed
As Jesus on the Mount revealed
Your life and mine forever sealed
Just like the lilies of the field

We follow where the Christ has led
To table that for all is spread
And no one’s sitting at the head
But deeper love in wine and bread….


Senior Associate Dean, Office of Religious Life,
University of Southern California