Hymn for Epiphany – Like butterflies emerging in the cold

Around Christmas, in 2010, I was leading worship when a butterfly fluttered down and landed on the pulpit. It was brightly coloured and, in the cold of winter, utterly out of place…and so a hymn fitting for the 6th January, Epiphany…

1	Like butterflies emerging in the cold, 
	incongruous strangers punctuate this birth; 
	while snow and frosted windows paint the scene
	and God in human flesh has come to earth.
2	Exotic strangers, carried on the wind, 
	the wind of wisdom, fathomed by their thought. 
	Obscure and out of place, these coloured robes, 
	as out of place as all the gifts they brought.
3	And yet they have a place in every play, 
	in signalling God's universal grace, 
	that those who fit and others who are strange,
	are held by God in every time and place.

Andrew E Pratt (born 1948)
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Mouldy old log at the turning of the year…

  1. Log 2

Mouldy old log at the turning of the year,
once green,
now dead,
lacking sap.

Sad year passing,


Watch the turning,
burning of the season,
till white ash snow,
melting brings life,


Not immortality
for that mouldy old log at the turning of the year
is dead,
but new life springs fresh
forcing through cracked,
raw, hardened earth,
starting again,


and that is what we, also,
should do…on and on…season after season…starting anew.

© Andrew Pratt 31/12/2019

Poem from Words, Images and Imagination https://hymnsandbooks.blog/words-images-and-imagination-now-published/