Salt and Light – a hymn inspired by Matthew 5: 13 – 20

This hymn was inspired by – Matthew 5: 13 – 20

1	When all the stars burn out, 
	or all the seas run dry, 
	God's love and law will still remain, 
	they soar beyond the sky.
2	When justice is denied, 
	or people are constrained,
	God's righteousness cannot be found,
	or hopeful joy retained.	
3	Bring savour to the world:
	this saltiness we share 
	is evidence of godliness 
	that we are meant to bear.
4	For us to be of use, 
	like standards that will shine
	we need God's power to offer grace 
	through symbol, act and sign.
5	Saltshakers giving taste,
	light bearers through the night,
	world changers in the name of Christ
	we bring God's reign in sight.

Andrew Pratt (born 1948) based on Matthew 5 vs 13-20 
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