Tectonic plates beneath this rock hard surface -the Turkish-Syrian earthquakes 2023

1	Tectonic plates beneath this rock hard surface, 

	uplifted, twisting life and limb and steel. 

	The landscape that was home has lost its features, 

	destruction means that few are left to heal. 


2	An empty chair amid such devastation 

	where cars like toys, are lifted, spun about;

	and here we wait and pray in helpless anguish; 

	and 'where is God' we want to cry and shout.


3	Incarnate God we need your present spirit 

	to live within your people at this time, 

	to energise our prayerful words and action, 

	to offer grace to life's discordant rhyme.


4	God offer hope to those who feel forsaken, 

	to those whose lives have spun and turned around; 

	to those whose grief defies all consolation, 

	bring grace and love and hope and solid ground.

Andrew Pratt (born 1948)

© 2011 Stainer & Bell Ltd. Alt 6/2/2023 by the author.

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On the day of the earthquakes in Turkey, Syria and the surrounding areas.

Earthquake- iPad art (c) Andrew Pratt 2023