Water into wine? Hymn

This hymn focusses on the Wedding at Cana in Galilee (John 2: 1 – 11) 

where Jesus turned water into wine.
1 No magic, but a simple need was met when Jesus joined a feast, a wedding was well underway until the wine ran low, then ceased.
2 While Jesus never looked for fame his mother called him to her side to ask that he would help them out, assuming grace would now provide.
3 He wasn't such an easy touch he didn't want to do her will, it seemed he wasn't ready yet. Was this a misuse of his skill?
4 Great jars of water were at hand. Was this a miracle or sign? He simply told the stewards to draw. This water now had turned to wine
5 The wedding feast was now replete, and God surprises people still, through word or miracle or sign God still amazes, always will.
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