It makes sense – I’ll use my loaf

Is this the sun, 
condensed into a flower? 
Distant energy 
facilitates fine subdivision, 
mitochondrial machination 
building petal, 
and bower.

Sound struggles, beats on baffles beneath the strings. Sweet escape eludes then exudes mellifluously.
Pine needles, waft, scent air evoking place and season, sharp to unshod foot yet gentle olfaction, calms… relaxation.
Sensate to a feather brushing my cheek, soft, sensuous, soothing, like these sibilant characters typed on a page.
Childhood memories evoked as yeast, after millennia waiting, interacts in the present tense. Air carries intense anticipation of taste across the park, use my loaf, collect my daily bread.
AnDrew Pratt 8/2/2021

Senses sharpened in the silence – Praise in time of Covid-19

Senses sharpened in the silence plus oakPhoto ©Andrew Pratt 2020

Senses sharpened in the silence,
gently, quietly, feel your breath,
know God’s love will never leave us,
now, or in our time of death.
In this time imagine bird song,
thunder of a mountain stream,
slap of waves along the shoreline,
things for which we hope or dream.

All the beauty of the starlight,
rainbow colours in the sky,
things that we can just imagine
feed our minds until we die,
fill our hearts with heightened wonder,
strain the sinews of our thought,
soon exhausting human language,
through the images we’ve caught.

Lifted up within the mystery,
now embodied in our praise,
mystic music moves our being,
sounding notes from phrase to phrase,
raising us beyond the present,
held in loving symphony;
God inspire our hearts with singing
in one cosmic harmony.

Andrew Pratt 19/4/2020
Words © 2020 Stainer & Bell Ltd, London, England,
Please include any reproduction for local church use on your CCL Licence returns. All wider and any commercial use requires prior application to Stainer & Bell Ltd.