Hymn responding to Prof John Evans’ Seminar for Bramhall Methodist Church Climate Change Series

Prof John Evans
Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, University of Southampton

To work with God we need to learn 
each nuance of this earth, 
the way the planet shifts and moves,  
its treasures, all their worth.
We search out every finite source, 
yet sometimes lack the care 
to measure out just what we need, 
to leave some resting there.

And now we start to comprehend 
not just this worldly wealth,
but how its use can build, enhance, 
or damage earthly health;
not just the strength of humankind, 
but climate’s synergy, 
the balance on which life depends 
for its vivacity.

So now we learn to understand 
the calling of our race, 
to stand in watch, to call and act, 
within each time and place; 
not just renewing white bleached bones 
or raising dead to life, 
but clothing every word with love, 
where hatred once was rife.

7/6/2021 Andrew Pratt
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Metre: CMD

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