Full Service Resources for the Three Year Lectionary

If you need worship resources for services, complete service outlines with hymns, prayers and sermon ideas are available by going to https://www.theworshipcloud.com/search?search=Full+service&type_id=2 This link and then enter ‘Full Service Pratt’ into the search. This will bring up resources by myself and Majorie Dobson


Singing the Faith plus has been updated and is accepting new material to its web-site for consideration for publication.

Open for hymn submissions
After a period of looking at how we receive new hymns and songs for possible publication on StF+, we’re now open for business again.   We do have a number of texts and tunes received during our ‘moratorium’ period and, more recently, via our new online form. We’re working through these and authors will be contacted once our new, expanded submissions team has had a chance to make its assessments.   If you are thinking of sending us a new hymn, please take time to read through our refreshed criteria. The are quite detailed but have been thought through with care and give the best sense of what kind of material is most likely to catch our attention.   All you need to know is on the StF Submitting hymns page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Conditions for submission are available here.

New hymns on the site can be seen here.

Suggestions of hymns for the Lectionary can be seen here.