Emmaus a hymn – Way out beyond the reaches of the cosmos

After Easter some people were walking to Emmaus talking about all that had happened. Jesus, unrecognised, walked beside them. Only when they reached their destination and asked Jesus to join them for a meal did they recognise him – when he broke bread.
This hymn reflects on the all-pervasive nature of the message of resurrection, that of creation and re-creation, only in the last verse bringing us to Emmaus. It is for communion, or any other meal.
Fred Kaan once pointed out that ‘companion’ means ‘with bread’. 

Way out beyond the reaches of the cosmos,
through strands, like smoke, of interstellar cloud, 
our God is moving, forming, re-creating, 
each image speaks the name of God, out loud.

It seems this God will nurture like a mother, 
the power of love embodies life and light.
This love transcends succeeding generations, 
brings comfort in the darkness of death's night. 

Companion God in breaking bread together 
we meet with you as we met on the way, 
a friendly God you still make peace between us, 
as sharing meals we meet with you each day.

Andrew E Pratt (born 1948)
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Metre: 11 10 11 10