Progressive religion – thoughts

Progressive Religion is an expression of faith held within the phrase: ‘Nothing Fixed or Final’.*
This is a creed in that Progressive Religion is not without belief, but that belief is always provisional because we are human. It involves a seeking after truth with the humility to admit that if we think we have found such truth, and we are tempted to frame and dogmatise it, then we have missed the point. Our understanding can never be complete, is always dynamic, always subject to change.
Progressive theology is predicated on the provisional nature of this religion and cannot ever be rooted in only one religious expression. While it may draw conclusions these are always open to critique, modification, change or even ultimately abandonment.
Progressive worship gives expression to such theology and it is the nature of liturgy and worship that they are not simply dependent on this theology, but are also the crucibles in which such theology is explored and sometimes formed.
*Sidney Carter once said that his creed was ‘Nothing Fixed or Final’ and I have found this has held for me thus far.

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Andrew Pratt

Andrew Pratt was born in Paignton, Devon, England in 1948.

2 thoughts on “Progressive religion – thoughts”

  1. As someone who is a poet, newly venturing into songwriting, I am dancing with glee at the thought of someone else tirading about the lack of harmony (ahem!) between the lyrics and the melody. Someone I know who is a very talented musician regularly commits the crime of the lyric equivalent of a pile up. It frustrates me to hear the congregation either pausing in the wrong place, or whooping a quick breath in between lines. Thank you for making this poet/lyricist very happy!


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